Dr. R. Russell Huddleston 

As Principal and MD of  Huddleston Energy Ltd 

    ♦  As the technical & economics consultant to the project, I reduced $1,800 million from the        $5,600 million development Capex of an integrated 200 tcf gas field, 1,500 km pipeline and 9        gw power generation station in SE Asia. 

    ♦  Negotiated, on behalf of the President of a CIS Republic, the Production Sharing Contract        (PSC) on a 4,000 million barrel field. This PSC gave the Republic 80 percent of the oil        produced, 100 percent of all the associated gas, and stabilized the economy.

    ♦  Advised a major European contractor on proposals that won EP & EPC contracts on $14        billion worth of projects between 1989 - 1996, with profit margins that ran between 3 and 8        percent of gross. 

    ♦  Directed the technical and economic planning, and the negotiations with the Government        ministries, for a UK company to become the license holder and operator for 9 overseas oil        fields with total reserves of 950 million barrels. 

    ♦  Directed a project which demonstrated 60 percent reductions for the typical North Sea        marginal oil and gas field development Capex. The reductions were realized by identifying        and quantifying international design, procurement and fabrication practices which could        replace North Sea practices. 

    ♦  Developed a Capex apportionment of a $1,000 million topsides producing two oil fields which        was accepted by the UK Government for ring fence taxation. 

    ♦  Optimized the technology and economics of all systems and equipment on the first HP/HT        gas field on the UKCS. 

    ♦  Created the technical and economic analysis for a UK oil & gas company proposing the        takeover of a North American company. The foreign company's principal asset was a 50        percent interest in three overseas fields with total recoverable reserves of 350 million        barrels. 

    ♦  Developed the technical and economical analysis for a UK oil & gas company proposing the        international sale of the company's 100 percent interest in two overseas fields, totaling 125        million barrels recoverable. 

    ♦  As the sole consultant on a multi-operator task force, I identified and removed 10 thousand        tonnes from the float-out weight of a large Canadian GBS platform, with less than one week's        investigation.  In that same timeframe I also showed them how to reduce the development        Capex by 47 percent, or $1,900 million, without impact on functionality. 

    ♦  Assisted the operators of a large gas field development in realizing an ‘as-built’ Capex        reduction of $900 million. 

    ♦  Identified early operator decisions that could have saved a further 475,000 man-hours of        the design and procurement contract on the same development. 

    ♦  Demonstrated the specific technology & economics to further reduce the topsides Capex of        the same development by 39 percent while reducing its weight by 55 percent. 

    ♦  Wrote the design and economics methodology manual for the modernization and expansion        of a mature 1,400 million barrel recoverable field. 

    ♦  Demonstrated by software modeling and calibration how to combine two large planned        integrated decks (D-P & Q-U) into a single liftable deck for evacuation of a 145 Kbpd oil        field. 

As General Manager of Matthew Hall-ENCON Ltd - London 

    ♦  Won 80 per cent of all UKCS front-end conceptual work during the low oil price period,        1986-1989. 

    ♦  Demonstrated how to delay 50 per cent of the original Capex of a heavy oil field for 5 years,        without increasing the Capex. 

    ♦  Saved a 56 Kbpd four-reservoir oil development by cost reduction after commercial        cancellation by one of the partners. 

    ♦  Developed and applied software for cost and schedule risk analysis which, when used on a        Norwegian development, demonstrated the key cost driver for project over-runs.

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