About Us

Our Mission

To Finance, Develop, Own and Operate Process and Energy Projects.

Our Objectives & Strategy

First Objective

To negotiate, plan, engineer, procure, construct, finance and operate turn-key projects world-wide. Strategy to Achieve the First Objective: Seek Governments, Companies and Owners of assets or business opportunities where our project planning, economics, cost reduction skills and project finance sources bring the greatest competitive advantage, then use our investment skills on the technology, management and commercial aspects of each project to ensure the project is economically viable before, during and after its’ development. Our project finance sources are available for purchase of such assets or business opportunities for development and operation under our management.

Second Objective

To set the International benchmarks for quality, schedule, budget, safety and environmental protection on projects. Strategy to Achieve the Second Objective: Plan the work such that it will better current International benchmarks for quality, schedule, budget, safety and environmental protection, and then work the plan. Use ‘Management by Exception’ to detect and correct deviations from the plan on a weekly basis.

Third Objective

To earn a profit on each project. Strategy to Achieve the Third Objective: Plan, cost and schedule the project thoroughly before signing any contracts, and select non-adversarial sub-contractors, giving them financial incentives to perform well.

Fourth Objective

To perform so well that we are asked back for repeat business. Strategy to Achieve the Fourth Objective: Use Management by Objectives to execute the project, not adversarial contracting.