Oil & Gas Division

The Oil & Gas Division of Huddleston Energy plans, finances and constructs turnkey projects for the International oil & gas industry.

Critical Success Factor Sub Heading

Our financial sources will fund projects that create a good return on investment. Business plans for ventures where the technology, markets and economics are clearly understood, viable, and presented in a professional manner lead to rapid approval. A techno-economics business plan is the key to project funding, and funding is usually the key to development. The plan is also essential to the successful management of the engineering, procurement, construction and delivery of the project.

How Do We Do It?

Huddleston Energy will negotiate a cost plus success fee contract with you for the definition and funding phases of the project, and follow this with a turn-key contract for the implementation phase

Our professional engineers and economists first undertake a techno-economic study of the proposed venture. We often use Zero-Based Development Planning in order to reduce the financing requirements, primarily for capital expenditure (Capex). We also optimize the life-cycle-cost and availability of systems and equipment to improve the project economics.

Next a development or business plan is derived from this study. This plan is the basis for funding. It quantifies the project net cash flow economics from the capital expenditure, revenue and operating cost calculations. It generates key economic indicators such as return on investment, payback period and net present value. The sensitivities of the economic indicators to changes in the Capex, market, prices, etcetera, and a risk analysis to set project contingencies, are also parts of this business package.

When project finance is approved, we begin engineering, procurement and design of the planned systems and equipment. Construction of the plant facilities, commissioning, start up and acceptance tests are completed before turnover to you.

Our track record of over 240 projects demonstrates our experience with techno-economics studies, business plans, and the management skills needed to deliver world-class project developments.

What's Next?

If you are the owner or partner of an undeveloped oil or gas asset, or downstream business opportunity, contact Huddleston Energy immediately for a discussion or review.