Oil & Gas Division


Huddleston Energy develops offshore oil & gas projects starting from the discovery well and working through the Appraisal, Construction and Operations phases.

The lists which follow are indicative of the many types of developments found offshore, the facilities which are often necessary to:

  1. maximize production of the hydrocarbons by maintaining the reservoir energy,
  2. treat and add energy to the produced hydrocarbons for economical export ,

and the substructures from which we choose to support the facilities for that particular marine environment.

Development Types

  • Early Production Systems
  • Extended Well Drilling
  • Subsea Developments
  • Tanker Conversions
  • Semisubmersible Conversions
  • Satellite Platforms
  • Cluster Developments
  • Stand-Alone Platforms

Major Components

  • Drill Rigs
  • Topsides
  • Living Quarters
  • Water Injection Modules
  • Power Generation Modules
  • Compression Modules
  • Pipelines


  • Steel Jackets
  • Gravity Base Structures
  • Semi-submersibles
  • Tankers
  • TLPs
  • Barges

What's Next?

If you are the owner or partner of an undeveloped oil or gas asset, or downstream business opportunity, contact Huddleston Energy immediately for a discussion or review.