Our Track Record

By Client

ADB (Asian Development Bank)

  • Emergency Rehibilitation of the Gas System in Afghanistan.


  • Allocation of Tiffany Platform Capex between Tiffany & Toni
  • Operating Procedures Manuals – 45 systems for Tiffany Platform
  • Instrument Loop Diagrams – Creation of 4500 ILDs
  • COFP – Definition of HUC Logic To Arrive At Earliest First Oil
  • Study of EPIC vs Distributed Contract for Tiffany

AIOC (Azerbaijan International Operating Company)

  • Audit of GCA-1 &2 Well Planning for Drilling (with Noble Denton)


  • Feasibility Study for a TLP for Fina Exploration
  • Feasibility Study for a TLP on Troll East for Statoil
  • Layout Study for Monsanto Block 15/21a on an Aker H.4.2
  • Feasibility Study for 40 Mbpd on an Aker H.4.2
  • Layout Study for Floating Production Unit for the Miller Field

AMEC Process & Energy

  • Pre-Conceptual Design of the Shell Shearwater Field Development
  • Design Competition for the Shell Shearwater Field Development
  • Zero-Based Development & Cost Estimation of Natuna Gas Field
  • Expert Witness on Gas Plant Claim – Bangladesh
  • Major Capex Reduction Program for BP East of Shetlands TLP
  • Major Capex Reduction Program for BP ETAPs
  • Major Capex Reduction White Paper on BP Andrew
  • Front-End Briefing Paper on Heavy Oil Recovery Methods
  • Front-End Briefing Paper on HPHT Field Development
  • White Paper on Project Execution in the Caspian
  • International Offshore Project Execution – A Benchmark Reference Paper
  • Front-End Services for Lump Sum Bid on Akshabulak GOSP
  • Audit of Design Basis on BP Bruce
  • Audit for Minimum Facilities on ONGC Design
  • Consulting Services for Esso Balder Tender
  • Services for Agip Tiffany Claim
  • Consulting Services for Esso Natuna Project Management Prequal
  • Due Diligence for Gujarat Fields, India
  • 60 Day Acceptance Review of Agip’s Conceptual Design on Tiffany
  • Layouts for MacCulloch Semi Conversion
  • Layouts for Durwood/Dauntless FPSO Conversion


  • Economic Screening Study on Applications of HP Steam Offshore


  • Audit of three field development options for five fields
  • Design Mods on Morecambe Bay Stage II for Electrodialysis of MEG
  • Electrical Engineering Consultant
  • Feasibility Study for Condensate Handling on the Rough Field
  • R&D Study on Desalting MEG on the Morecambe CPP1 Platform
  • Capex & Schedule Risk Analysis for Morecambe Bay Phase I Stage II
  • Conceptual Design for Morecambe Bay Phase I Stage II
  • Feasibility Study for Expansion of Wytch Farm


  • FEED for Schiehallion FPSO Test Train Debottlenecking
  • FEED for Angola Block 18 FPSO – Project Engineering and Cost Reduction
  • Field Develop’t Planning on the Gryphon & Forth Cluster (w/ GOSP)
  • Audit of Cost Estimates for Downstream Facilities – USA vs UK
  • Audit of BP Standards re Catalogue Engineering
  • Study of S.E. Forties Developed by Catalogue Engineering


  • Cost Estimate for the Tommeliten Wellhead Platform
  • Feasibility Study for Hibernia on a THP-10,000
  • Cost estimate for 20 Mbpd on the CFEM TH-2800 Semi-Submersible
  • Feasibility Study for Ivanhoe Field using a THP-5500
  • Conceptual Design Layouts for the Hibernia Field
  • Layout Study for 20 Mbpd on the CFEM TH-2800 Semi-Submersible
  • Layouts for Sole Pit
  • Audit of the Host Platform for the Bunter Field
  • Integrated deck layouts for Hibernia
  • Layout modifications for the T-2600 Jack-up
  • Topsides Layouts for Tiffany Field on a Semi-Susbmersible
  • Layout Studies for the Balmoral Field on a Semi-Submersible


  • Value Engineering Consultancy on the Britannia Field Development
  • Audit of Hibernia Topsides Weight (w/ GOSP)
  • Capex Reduction Study for Alba (w/ GOSP)
  • Economic Screening Study of the Development of Alba & Bosun Fields
  • Consultancy on Ninian Field Development


  • Lead a 2 week seminar/course in 1979 on offshore production for the Ministry of Oil & Gas.


  • Facilities Design for North Sea FPSO


  • Value Engineering Consultancy on the Britannia Field Development


  • Cost Estimationfor Confidential N/S Oil Development
  • R&D Study on Topsides Specification by Linear Programming

DPC (Dubai Petroleum Company)

  • Optimization of Country Assets

EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction & Development)

  • Audit of the Fortum/Lukoil South Shapkino Development Plan


  • Training of Field Development Engineers on GOSP


  • Production of Course Materials for “Offshore Technology”
  • Feasibility Study of the “Firmfoot Island” Concept
  • Economic Screening Study of the “Firmfoot Island” Concept


  • Benchmarking of North Sea floating production
  • Zero based development of Natuna
  • Confidential Subsea Study
  • Calibration of UK, Norwegian, Malaysian and US Platforms on GOSP
  • R&D on a Four-Phase Centrifugal Separator
  • Benchmark Studies for Guillemot (w/ GOSP)
  • Development of Gas Condensate Facilities Capex Models (w/ GOSP)
  • Brent Rationalization Studies (w/ GOSP)
  • Minimum Facilities Study – USA vs UK vs Norway
  • R&D on UK Design Efficiency Benchmarks
  • R&D on UK Industry Competitiveness – Update
  • R&D on UK Topsides Design Manhour Reduction
  • Audit of Forties Facilities for Secondary Recovery
  • R&D on Cost Reduction Through Technical Innovation
  • R&D on UK Industry Competitiveness
  • Survey of UK Industry Relative Competitiveness
  • Feasibility Study of the Pars Field Development w/ OSCO/NIOC
  • Detailed Design of Pulai A & B Platforms
  • Detailed Design of Conversion of Utilities Modules on Tembungo
  • Design Basis Memorandum (DBM) for Okinawa Refinery
  • Design Basis Memorandum (DBM) for Singapore Refinery
  • EPC, Start-up & Operations for the Esso Singapore Refinery
  • Debottlenecking Expansion Design for the Singapore Refinery
  • Sulphur Plant Design and Construction for the Singapore Refinery
  • Training Course on “Singapore Refinery Technology” – 4 x 1 week
  • Training Course on “Refinery Design” – 6 weeks Singapore Refinery


  • Audit of Cost and Weight Estimates for Petromina Natuna


  • Feasibility Study for the Priazlomnoye Development in Russia


  • Review of Unawa & No. Balol Well Architecture & Skin Factor Calculations
  • Negotiation with the Government of India for the PSC(s) on 6 Onshore Oil & Gas Fields


  • Training Course on “Oil & Gas Field Development”


  • Technical Audit of Basic Design of the Rang Dong Field Wellhead & FPSO


  • Field Develop’t Planning on the Gryphon & Forth Cluster (w/ GOSP)
  • Minimum Facilities Study on Gryphon (w/ GOSP)
  • Minimum Facilities Wedding Cake for the Scott Field (w/ GOSP)


  • Farm-in for 125MMb oil field in Kazakhstan
  • Takeover of 350 MMbbl company in Kazakhstan
  • Export refinery study – Eastern Europe
  • Audit of the Batumi Refinery – Georgia, FSU
  • Audit of Investment Proposal for Karachaganak Mini-Refinery
  • Audit of Investment Proposal for Exploration Offshore Sierra Leone
  • Research & Valuation of Serbian National Oil Company
  • Field Development Plan for Caspian Sea Project


  • Debottlenecking Study of Brae
  • Process Engineering Consultancy on East Brae


  • Safety Audit of Halfdan Process Facilities


  • Cost Estimation for Southern Gas Platforms
  • Contracts Preparation, Tendering, and Conditioning


  • Operations Philosophy for F-3 Development
  • Process Audit for the F-3 Development
  • Project Management Services on the Ameland Project
  • Feasibility Study of F-7/Emden


  • Audit of Redevelopment Risks on Two Fields in Lithuania
  • Audit of Azerbaijan International Operating Co. Well Planning
  • Process Operations Review of Conoco MacCullough FPSO


  • Contracting Strategy for Iranian Buy-Back Contract Development


  • Design & Field Revamp of De-Methanizer in GOSP 103A/D – Libya
  • Safety Study for Zueitina Gas Plant – Libya
  • Feasibility Study for Crude Stabilization in GOSP 103A/D – Libya
  • Feasibility Study for Eugene Island Block 327 – USA


  • Audit of Statement of Commerciality
    ♦ Layout Study for Troll East
    ♦ Feasibility Study of Exhaust Gas Injection for Ekofisk
    ♦ Statement of Commerciality for the Troll Field
    ♦ Layout Study – Sleipner West Alternative II
    ♦ Layout Studies for Gullfax Phase II
    ♦ Platform Layouts for Block 30/9 Studies
    ♦ Economic Screening Study of 4 Floating Substructures for Troll West
    ♦ Layout Studies for Fixed Steel Platforms for Troll
    ♦ Layout Studies for a Catenary Anchored Floater for Troll
    ♦ Troll Subsea Studies
    ♦ Riser Layout Studies for Oseberg GBS
    ♦ Topsides Layouts for Sleipner
    ♦ Design Philosophies for Troll
    ♦ Audit of Troll Layouts
    ♦ Audit of the Brage Field Feasibility Study Layouts
    ♦ Topsides Layouts for Troll East
    ♦ Audit of the Topsides for the Oseberg Field Centre
    ♦ Audit of Troll Development Layouts
    ♦ Feasibility Study for the Sleipner Field
    ♦ Audit of the Sleipner Field Development
    ♦ Audit of the Oseberg Platform


  • Screening Economics Study for Gullfax Phase II
    ♦ Screening Economics study for Sleipner Gamma
    ♦ Training Course on “Production Engineering Design” – 2 Weeks (2)


  • Cost Risk Analysis on Brage Development
    ♦ Field Development Planning – Haltenbanken


  • Design Of Onshore Slug Catcher


  • Pipeline Project Engineering Consultancy in Doha, Qatar
  • Consultation of the Development of the Nam Uhr Reservoir


  • Training Course on “Offshore Operations” – 2 weeks -Malaysia


  • Audit of the Esmond Field
  • Audit of Gulf of Mexico Platforms for Insurance Acceptance


  • Layout Study for the Espoir Field
  • Detailed Design of Jack-up Conversion for Production – Espoir Field
  • Detailed Design of VLCC Conversion for FSU – Espoir Field


  • Negotiation of PSC for Guneshili, Chirag & Azeri with Western Oil Co’s


  • EPC of Host Production Platform on Texas Block 310L
  • EPC of Satellite Drilling Platform on Texas Block 331L


  • Equipment Definitions for Snorre
  • Feasibility Study of an Integrated Concrete Deck
  • Field Development Study – Block 2/2
  • Additional Development Scenarios for Snorre
  • Vessel Contractors Layout for Snorre TLP
  • Feasibility Study for Snorre – TLP – Live vs. Dead Crude
  • Process Screening Study – Gullfax Soer – Central vs. Satellite
  • Feasibility Study for Snorre – Monotower GBS plus Floater
  • Process Screening Studies for Snorre – Live vs Dead Crude
  • Layout Studies for Gullfax Phase II – Steel vs GBS
  • Feasibility Study for the Haltenbaken Development
  • Production of the Scope of Work for the East Troll Conceptual Design
  • Wellhead Piping Study for Gullfax Phase II
  • Field Development Planning for Gullfax Phase II


  • Feasibility Study of Expansion of Dubai Gas Plant


  • Independent Cost Estimate of Southern Swamp Associated Gas Gathering (Nigeria)
  • Extended Reach Subsea Review
  • Feasibility Study of Packaged Drill Rigs for Nelson
  • Training of Field Development Engineers on GOSP
  • Minimum Greenfield Modex of Cormorant/Dunlin (w/ GOSP)
  • Screening Economics & Feasibility Studies on Brent 2000 (w/ GOSP)
  • Pre-Conceptual Methodology for Brent 2000
  • Pre-Conceptual Design of the Nelson Field Development (w/GOSP)
  • Design of Project Co-ordination Procedures for Nelson
  • Minimum Facilities Consultants During Detailed Design of Gannet
  • Minimum Facilities Feasibility Study on Guillemot (w/GOSP)
  • Engineering Study of Troll Field
  • Audit of Troll Field Development
  • Development of the Scope of Work for Eider Follow-On
  • Process Engineering Consultancy for Eider
  • Audit of Detailed Design of Eider
  • Audit of a Minimum Self-Contained Drilling/Production Platform
  • Audit for Simplification of Specifications & Requisitions on Tern
  • Audit of Hook-up Readiness for S.E. Indy
  • Oil Pipeline Hydrate Study – Eider
  • Audit for Simplification of the Eider Drilling System (vs No. Cormorant)
  • Audit for Simplification of the Eider Field
  • Tern Fabrication Yard Plan
  • Development of the Scope of Work for the Tern Tender
  • Audit of the Design and HUC of S.E. Indy
  • Eider Minimum Facilities Study
  • Weight and Cost Estimation for the Eider Integrated Deck
  • Audit of the South East Indy Development
  • Audit of the Eider Design Basis for Minimum Facilities
  • Conceptual Design of Troll as a Floater
  • Feasibility Study for Subsea Development of S.E. Auk
  • Feasibility & Conceptual Design of No. Cormorant Field


  • Training course at Imperial on Surface Facilities – 2 x 4 days
  • Training course at Imperial on Overseas Operations – 2 x 4 days


  • Audit and Cost Estimation for a Confidential N/S Oilfield


  • Pre-Study of Layout Acceptance Criteria
  • Layout Study for a Tension Legged Platform for Troll
  • Audit of Sleipner Area Development – Phase II


  • Facilities & Management Audit – Water Flood – Urals, Russia


  • Field Development Planning For Block 30/18 – HTHP


  • Optimization of Strathspey as a Fixed Platform
  • Feasibility Study of Strathspey as a Fixed Platform


  • Feasibility Studies of Beef Drying Systems


  • Technical Author for Dunbar
  • Feasibility Study for Unmanned Minimum Topsides Facilities


  • Feasibility Study of Semi-Submersible Conversion


  • License applications and development of nine oil fields in Kazakhstan


  • Study of Stainless Steel Pipe Stress for Desalination